It’s shaping up to be a busy summer! I’m heading to Australia at the end of July to visit my hometown of Perth, and also to speak at the Colourways Trend Workshop in St. Kilda.  Back to California for a week and then off to the Ashland Green and Wild festival, hosted by my publisher, White Cloud Press. This looks to be a fun event—I hope to see some of you there.

After that, it’s a couple of long flights and a bit of jet lag: speaking on “Today’s Science and Tomorrow’s Economy” in Seoul at the end of August, and sitting on a panel at the Zurich 2014 Biomimcrcy Innovation and Finance Summit in early September.

Home again for Bioneers in October—what a marvelous conference Kenny and Nina and their team produce every year.  If you haven’t been to this, I highly recommend it—inspiring speakers and panels, and lots of multicultural art and music. Francesca and I have been going for years and we wouldn’t miss it.

Right after that, there’s Verge (also close to home, as it’s being held at the lovely Palace Hotel in San Francisco).  I haven’t been to Verge before, but it’s put on by the smart folks at, which means it’s liable to be quite informative.

And of course in September, the paperback Shark’s Paintbrush is out, so … definitely a busy summer!