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“By reducing water’s and microorganisms’ tendency to stick in the microscopic cracks of building surfaces, Lotusan paint not only keeps buildings cleaner but reduces the buildup of mold and algae …”
The lotus flower
“George de Mestral became annoyed by the repeating problem of burrs sticking to his socks … He looked at the annoyances under a microscope and discovered the hook-and-loop structure that became the basis for Velcro.”
Burdock seeds
Columbia Forest Products … developed PureBond, a formaldehyde-free plywood. Dr. Kaichang Li of Oregon State University found that ‘mussels secrete proteins known as byssal threads.’ … and was able to modify nontoxic soy proteins to create similar properties.”
Mussels’ byssal threads
“Joint research with Nissan Motors and Tanaka Kinzoku Kogyo began in 1995 and the result was Morphotex, which uses only fiber structure and light reflection to create its color.”
Morpho butterfly
“JDS Uniphase Corporation is a specialist in the design and manufacture of products for the optics industry … created stir-in pigments for paint called ChromaFlair that use the [light reflection] to change color depending on the light.”
Morpho butterfly
“Eiji Nakatsu, an engineer with West Japan Railway Company, studied the head and beak of birds like the kingfisher, which can dive into water noiselessly and without a splash, in order to streamline the train’s nose for a more aerodynamically quiet ride and reduced drag.”
“Fastskin helped athletes win big in the 2004 Olympics, and their low-drag LZR suit was so effective in the 2008 Beijing Olympics that it was worn by twenty-three of the twenty- five swimmers who set new world records.”
Inspired by termite mound efficiency, Mick Pearce and the ARVP construction company designed the Eastgate Shopping Centre and office complex in Harare, Zimbabwe. The building is passively cooled to match human comfort levels without any air- conditioning system.”
Termite Mounds