Jay Harman has spoken at the following events:

  • ASME-JSME-KSME Joint Fluids Engineering Conference 2011, Hamamatsu, Japan, July 23, 2011, scheduled Plenary Speaker on “Biomimicry: Nature’s Operating Instructions for Energy Efficient Fluid Handling.
  • International Conference on Climate Change, Plenary Speaker, November 4, 2010, Hong Kong, on “Biomimicry: Transforming Industrial Systems.”
  • TEDxMarin, June 10, 2010, “An Alternative Cure for Global Warming.”
  • Bioneers Global (invitational) Greening Business Lab and Biomimicry Forum, June 1, 2010, on “The Business of Biomimicry.” Also participated in “Water Solutions” Panel.
  • Biomimicry Conference, October 2, 2009, San Diego Zoo, on “The Business of Biomimicry.
  • The Leadership Gathering, Plenary Speaker, November 16, 2007, on Global Warming—Golden Opportunity?”
  • Bioneers 2007, Plenary Speaker on “Designing the Next Golden Age: A Progress Report.” Also “The Biomimicry Revolution: Imitating How Nature Does It” Panel (with Paul Anastas and Mark Dorfman).
  • 15th Annual Digital Be-In, April 21, 2007, on Biomimicry.
  • Bioneers 2006, “Nature’s Operating Instructions Panel” (with Paul Stamets and Michael Ogden).
  • Institute for Reverential Ecology‘s Zaca Lake Retreat, 2006, Featured Speaker.
  • TED: Technology, Entertainment, Design, 2005, “Inspired by Nature,” Featured Speaker.
  • Bioneers 2004, Plenary Speaker on “Designing the Next Golden Age”; also FeaturedPresenter on “Biomimicry: Initial Findings from 3.8 Billion Years of Design Genius” (with Amory Lovins).
  • Bioneers 2003, Water Doctor Panel (with John Todd and Dr. Ashok Gadgil).


Jay Harman has been featured in the following media (film, television, or radio):