For those of you like my friend and colleague, Kasey Arnold-Ince, who prefer a paperback to a hardcover because (as she says), “It’s easier to stuff into my purse for reading when I’m waiting in line …” there’s good news: the paperback edition of The Shark’s Paintbrush is slated to release in early September.  (Kasey: start making room in your bag …)

The lead up to this fall  release is looking to be a very busy summer.  Just got back from the Living Future Conference—what an amazing group of people, I really enjoyed speaking there. Cornering a bit of time at my home in Hawaii, and then off to Australia, where I’m speaking at several places in late July (watch the Events page for updates on these events, which are still being organized). Back to the US in August, to Oregon for the Ashland Green and Wild conference, an event hosted by my publishers, White Cloud Press. (My wife and business partner Francesca tells me that Ashland is home to a world renowned Shakespeare Festival …)

The paperback comes out in September and we’re currently setting up events to support the release. I’ve very much appreciated the feedback you’ve given The Shark’s Paintbrush on the Facebook page, and I very much look forward to meeting some of you at these events and book signings.