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Wild about Spirals

I’m not bashful about my fascination with equiangular spirals. My book has more than 75 references to spiraling geometries. Whirlpools.  Shells.  The spiraling of the heart muscle, and of the human skin pore.  The cochlea in all mammels.  Even DNA has been described […]

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A bit buggy?

This article in the Yakama Herald about new bug’s eye-inspired technology caught my eye (pun very much intended). Ant-eyed endoscopes? Apparently John Rogers, a professor […]

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Paint drops …

Okay, it’s nearly May and things are heating up!  The Shark’s Paintbrush will be published in June and there’s already an early review! If you haven’t visited our Facebook page, it’s here.

Here’s a bit from the book to whet your appetite:

Zoopharmacognosy is the long- winded scientific label for studying animal self- medication. You may have seen your […]

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As a person who’s spent a fair bit of time in the sea, I’ve had a number of sea turtle encounters. Obviously, my colleagues at Georgia Tech have as well. Their turtle-inspired Flipperbot helps them learn more the locomotion of turtle, seals, and mudskippers over complex granular surfaces, such as sand.

In an article in The Engineer, […]

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Birds of Paradise

Isn’t it amazing what we continue to learn about the many creatures with whom we share this planet? All 39 species of the remarkable and distinctive birds of paradise show in this video are only found deep in the rainforests of New Guinea. It has taken years to track these birds and study their unique behaviors—and plumage—all so we can learn more about Nature’s […]

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