Shouldn’t be able to …

I ran across this article in an Australian publication, Business Insider, about the new “RoboClam, […]

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Amazing Cephalopods

My wife, Francesca sent me a link to this fascinating video about  how certain cephalopods—squid, cuttlefish, and octopus, —employe camouflage. As a scuba diver and snorkeler, I knew a bit about this but admit was surprised at the extent of their abilities, particularly their use of pigments called chromatophores:

Most cephalopods possess chromatophores – that is, colored pigments – which they can use in a […]

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More paint drops

Another nibble from the book  …

It was November 1985, and a pitch- black, steamy night in the Java Sea. En route to Singapore from Australia, our fifty- foot sailboat should have been lit up by at least the tricolor navigation light at the top of her mast. Instead, the night before we had been hit by lightning, which shorted out all the boat’s electrical systems. […]

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