Just an update— found this on the BBC online site (though if you’re keeping an eye on the ongoing bee crisis, you may have seen this, as it’s from March): Neonicotinoid pesticides ‘damage brains of bees.’   Apparently two research papers were recently published offering substantial evidence that neonicotinoids and coumaphos interfere with bee brain activity, making it more difficult for the little beasts to function. One finding indicated that the chemicals damaged the bees’ ability to learn and remember flower smells and their location, making it difficult for the insects to find food.

These controversial pesticides— neonicotinoids and coumaphos—are commonly used in the US and Europe, both areas experiencing CCD (colony collapse disorder). Unsurprisingly the manufacturers of the chemicals deny any link to bee die-off and have their own studies to refute any claims of damage and have (so far) successfully opposed most attempts to ban the products.

Meanwhile, bees continue to suffer … and if we don’t watch out, our food supply will suffer as well.