One of the things I appreciate so much about designing with natural geometries is the fact that not only is the end result more efficient—both in terms of the materials and energy usage—plus cleaner, and quieter, but it’s also invariably more beautiful. Nature’s curving geometries are graceful and elegant, very appealing to the eye. But then, perhaps those geometries so resonate with us because we too are built to them:

the growth pattern of our bones

the muscles in our heart

the flow of our circulatory system

the growth of our fingernails and eyelashes

the shell-like curve of our cochlea

the way perspiration is expelled from our pores

There are so many ways in which we reflect this graceful flow. I was moved to think about this when I encountered Enrico Gondim’s gorgeous “Ivy Chair” on the Designboom site. The chair is a wood and felt sculptural form that looks remarkably comfortable.

The Ivy Chair--occupied.

The Ivy Chair–occupied.

The Ivy Chair

The Ivy Chair