One of the pleasures of having a Facebook page is the chance to share interesting things that pop onto my radar. I run across things during my travels online, people send me links, and books and articles that I read elsewhere have links as well. But I’m quickly learning that Facebook itself is a great source of information and dialog about bio-inspiration, spiral geometries, and fascinating natural technologies.

zqOne of the best spots for this is the Zygote Quarterly page. (In fairness, I must state that I know these folks, and have appeared in their quarterly a couple of times.) The ZQ page is filled with interesting links and delightful images—indeed, it’s a great introduction to the ZQ publication itself.


Other pages I like to visit:

The Nature of Design takes as their mission to reconnect “designers with their animal natures … taking design … out into the living, breathing world.”



Biomimicry 3.8 (naturally)—I have a long working relationship with this group, and they have a very informative Facebook page.



Biomimicry— lots of fascinating stuff here.



Bionics, biomimicry, biomimetics—interesting links for scientists and engineers.