By now, I think we’ve well established the fact that I have had a live-long fascination with spiral geometries, in particular the equiangular spiral. So, now you can contribute to that fascination by sharing your original spiral photos!  Our favorite shots get a signed copy of The Shark’s Paintbrush, and I’ll highlight your photo on this site.

First, what do I mean by “equiangular spirals?” The equiangular spiral is a bit different than the Archimedean spiral …

Equiangular triangle (black)

An equiangular spiral

Archimedian spiral (red)

An Archimedian spiral








Here are a few examples from my own library of spiral images:

Coiled fern
Hurricane Bonnie near Bermuda





The “Spirals in Nature” photo submission rules:

  1. Submissions begin today, June 24, 2013 and end July 3, 2013.
  2. Take your own photo of a spiraling object you found in nature, encountered in your daily life. You must own the image—please don’t submit images you have found online or that belong others.
    • The photo should be of a naturally occurring spiral.
    • Unique specimens are particularly interesting to me—show me something I haven’t seen before!
  3. Submit your photo on our Facebook page, with a post about where you found the spiral.
  4. We will decide on best three images and announce them by July 8, 2013.
  5. The photographers of those images will then send us their mailing address so we can post the books!

Now go shoot some spirals!