2013 has been a truly amazing year with the publishing of a book I have long labored over. Like most authors, it felt like it was taking forever! I was genuinely surprised at how long it takes a book to travel from “idea” to “volume-in-hand,” but this was the year I held that very book.

The end of a year is a time to express gratitude for what has happened in the previous 12 months, and look forward with optimism to what is ahead. My gratitude goes to:

  • Brooke Warner, who served as matchmaker, introducing me to my publishing partners at White Cloud Press.
  • The Steves—Steve Scholl and Steve Sendar—at White Cloud. Dedicated and delightful, they are a killer duo.
  • All the staffs both past and present at the various PAX companies: your work and commitment inspires me, and inspired this book.
  • Most of all, my wonderful wife and business partner, Francesca Bertone.

And my optimism? Everywhere I look I see reasons to feel positive about the future!