About Jay Harman

As the world increasingly seeks environmentally-friendly solutions to more complex problems, Jay Harman’s biomimetic message gains more and more attention.

Described as a “visionary” and “futurist” by the Science Channel, Jay’s expertise couldn’t be more timely. An award-winning entrepreneur and biomimetic inventor, Jay Harman has taken a hands-on approach to his lifelong fascination with the deep patterns found in nature. In the process, he has founded and grown multi-million-dollar research and manufacturing companies that develop, patent, and license innovative products, ranging from prize-winning watercraft to interlocking building bricks, afterburners for aircraft engines, and non-invasive technology for measuring blood glucose and other electrolytes. He is credited with being among the first pioneering scientists to make biomimicry—the science of employing nature in advancing sustainable technology—a cornerstone of modern and future engineering. His latest ventures—PAX Scientific, PAX Water Technologies, PAX Mixer, and PAX Streamline—design more efficient industrial equipment including refrigeration, turbines, fans, mixers, and pumps based on Jay’s revolutionary concepts.

To say he can’t sit for very long in one place is putting it mildly. Aside from his entrepreneurial exploits, Jay started a boarding school to teach kids about the environment in Australia, became a champion skin diver, sailed his own yacht 27,000 miles on the Indian Ocean, restored the sister ship to Jacques Cousteau’s Calypso—and made it his mission to bring the subject of biomimicry to the public.

Born and raised in Australia, Jay started his career as a naturalist with the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, but quickly demonstrated talents as an inventor. In 1982, he founded ERG, Ltd, which grew into one of Australia’s largest technology firms with a capital value as high as $3 billion. Since then, Jay has been at the helm of numerous companies recognized as global leaders in their respective fields. The culmination of Jay’s work is the development of “Nature’s Streamlining Principle,” a guideline for translating nature’s extraordinary efficiencies into industrial applications.

Jay’s goal—both as an author and an entrepreneur—is to show industry that improving the efficiency of industrial equipment is beneficial for both the bottom line, and the planet.


On June 30, 2015, Jay was selected to be one of the second group of AAAS-Lemelson Invention Ambassadors.  Read more

In 2013, Jay was made an Adjunct Professor at Curtin University in Perth, Australia.  Named after the 14ht Prime Minister of Australia, Curtin is the largest university in Western Australia, with an enrollment of 40,000.  The university maintains campuses in Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore, and hosts the Australian Sustainable Development Institute.

About the PAX companies

As the biomimic-in-residence, Jay Harman has served as CEO and chief inventor for PAX Scientific, a Marin county engineering research and design firm founded by his wife and partner, Francesca Bertone. The PAX family of companies employs natural geometries to design energy efficient, quiet, and ecologically friendly technology. Harman also sits on the boards of PAX Water Technologies and PAX Mixer.

PAX Scientific uses streamlining geometries to research and develop fluid-handling technologies such as fans and blowers, and marine hull design. PAX Fan develops high-efficiency, low-noise fans, and other air-handling equipment.

PAX Scientific has the following subsidiaries: PAX Water Technologies commercializes technologies for water and wastewater management. PAX Mixer markets industrial mixing technologies (other than water or wastewater mixers). PAX Pure develops desalinization technology.

To learn more about each of the PAX companies, visit their websites and see biomimicry in action.

About the Nature of Hope

Nature of Hope is a public charity that promotes and develops biomimicry curriculum and demonstration projects. The organization mission is to provide educators with simple but effective biomimicry curriculum content and hands-on projects—and give students of all ages a window into a future of evolutionary technologies, design in partnership with nature.

Profits from The Shark’s Paintbrush will support Nature of Hope and other biomimicry non-profits, to inspire optimism and enthusiasm for a biomimetically designed future.

Nature of Hope is also listed as a charitable organization on AmazonSmile. When you shop for items using AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.

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